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Woodworking Machinery Tooling Converting Since 1961, Voorwood has offered high-quality, labor-saving machinery that are affordable, delivered on time, and defect-free. The consistent performance of our machinery has made Voorwood a trusted partner for woodworking, converting and packaging professionals in the United States and Worldwide for over 50 years. Voorwood machinery and tooling is manufactured in the U.S.A. at our California facility to customer specifications. We are open Monday – Friday 7 am – 3:30 pm


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Double-End Tenoners - A2500 Series Automatic setup • Most throughput in the industry • Processes the smallest part in the industry • Accurate/automatic sizing and squaring • Capable of CNC contouring (arching) on one or both sides A2517 DOUBLE-END TENONER Accommodates 5 or more shaping and sanding stations Configured with automatic pop-up dogs that push parts into the machine up to 60″ long Spindles can be configured with Quick Change, HSK, or stacked tooling Auto-indexing ability to address sanding wear A2515 DOUBLE-END TENONER Accommodates up to 4 shaping and sanding stations Configured with automatic pop-up dogs that pull parts into the machine, sizing and squaring parts of any length Automatic feeder (option) A2515 COPE SHAPER Automatic setup (no backer blocks required) Hopper feeder Automatically inserts space balls (option) Return belt system transfers finished parts back to operator (option) Offload ramp for high production (option) Double-End Tenoners - A200 SERIES Manual adjustment series designed for fast and repeatable set up A217 DOUBLE-END TENONER Accommodates 6 or more shaping and sanding stations Configured with [...]
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