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Biesse Stream A 6.0 Edgebander


Single-sided edgebanders for the application and processing of flat edge-banding material in rolls (melamine, PVC, ABS, veneer) and in strips (solid wood, Formica, planed veneers etc.)
Standard features
Smart-touch 21.5″ control panel
The Numerical Control SMART-TOUCH 21.5″ allows management of the machine and its functions. Technical characteristics:
21.5” Multi-touch, Full HD display.
Thanks to 1920 x 1080 resolution, 10-point touch capability and 3000:1 contrast ratio, ensures bright and clear images with amazing onscreen detail, in a clean and efficient design.
Windows operating system.
Sintra HD software, simple and intuitive touch interface for all operators’ quick learning. It supports the multi-language function.
Dedicated interface to control edgebanders.
Integrated hard disk for filing media files and the programs back up.
USB port for managing in a simple and efficient way multimedia files, programs and updates.
Some of the included functions:
Automatic start-up of the motors as defined in the program.
Direct buttons for the choice of the first and second passage, for fast working changeover. Managing of the numerical axis and automatic working changes.
Lists of programs with manual and/or automatic start.
Error diagnostic with codes and comments.
Production statistic data.
The Software assisted maintenance.
The control is mounted to enable the easy adjustment of the working position.
Execution of lists of programs.
Video-assisted maintenance.
Structural components
Base. Provides the whole machine with stability and strength to allow precise, accurate machining even under intensive use. The base is made entirely of steel with a closed structure.
Maximum cleaning of the machine is possible thanks to the integrated automatic chip removal system along the whole machine.
Panel movement. Provided by a conveyor track and top presser combining a system that ensures optimum clamping of the panel being processed, straight movement and resistance to side loads resulting from pressure when applying the edges.
The conveyor track uses an industrial chain with a 31.75 mm (11⁄4”) ratio, with special self-lubricating nylon-graphite slide blocks. The slide blocks slide on two hardened steel guides, one with a circular section and the other flat, complete with greasing nipples. The panel being edged is held by special low wear rubber pads with a high friction coefficient, which are individually interchangeable (dimensions 80×60 mm). The track can also advance when the gluing unit is turned off.
The top presser is made of extruded aluminium with a special profile; the panel being edged is held in position by a double row of staggered wheels mounted on bearings. The top working units are hooked to the top presser and adjust automatically with the positioning of the presser itself moves. The top presser slides on linear guides when adjusted; the vertical adjustment is electronic NC controlled.
Large dimension infeed fence, to facilitate proper infeed of the panel to be edged (the machines fitted with the Pre-milling unit have a manually adjustable fence or, as an option, an automatically adjustable guide). Complete with infeed panel distance spacer with capacitive sensor in addition to the light, to set the most efficient panels infeed pace.
Side panel support with extruded aluminium guide, including support wheels. Quick manual positioning and locking system.
Protective cabins coated with sound absorbing material and lights and manual pump for chain track lubrication.
Automatic lubrication.
Working units
Gluing, edge feeding and pressing unit VC-710
Applies the hot melt glue on the panel, feeds the edge to be applied to the panel being machined, automatically cuts the rolls of edge-banding material to length and presses the applied edge ensuring that it adheres perfectly to the panel.
The unit includes:
Glue container and glue spreading roller. The spreading roller is complete with a copying system to apply the correct amount of glue to the panel.Tekno-Glue System, for perfect gluing in under any condition. It includes:  Controlled training movement of the glue spreading roller.
 Automatic glue container exclusion when the track stops.
 Pneumatic exclusion of the glue container.
No adjustment required when the panel thickness changes. Quick heating and double thermostat for differentiated temperature control. The glue container is completely coated with non-adhesive material. Electronic device for automatic temperature reduction of the glue container when the machine has been idle for a set period of time. Glue spreader which can turn with or against the direction of the panel. Quick change of the glue container for an easy maintenance or changing colour/type of glue. Automatic edge feeding system for edges in rolls or strips, complete with roll holder disk diameter 900 mm. The edge-banding strip is fed “meeting” the panel as it advances, avoiding any slipping of the edging material. The edge magazine table features a cooling system. The edge magazine table has a manual vertical adjustment.
Cutter knife for the automatic cutting of edge-banding material in rolls with a maximum thickness of 3 mm and with a maximum section of 140 mm2. Automatic adjustment of working pressure according to the thickness of edge-banding material being used. Placed before of the 1st edge pressing roller.
Edge pressing system with RPT (edge pressing rollers with temporized intervention), consisting of:
 A first large diameter motorised roller (with clutch) with independent pneumatic pressure adjustment.
 5 idle rollers, diameter 60 mm, coated with non- adhesive material with pneumatic adjustment; the first 2 are opposing cones.
It allows an immediate and direct access to the machine numerical control via network.
In this way it is possible to check machine data, user programs, input/output signals and system variables, and to install software updates, therefore granting:
Real-time service intervention.
Quicker problem solving.
Consistent reduction of machine downtime. Real-time software updates.
* The teleservice support is free of charge for the whole warranty period.
Electric system requirements
Protection of the machine against indirect contacts has been designed for TN type supply networks, so no differential protection has been foreseen. In the event of connection to other types of network (TT, IT) or if require by local laws or regulations, differential protection must be provided according to the characteristics of the system and taking into account electromagnetic interference containment devices may produce considerable high frequency dispersion currents.
Gluing unit – options

Automatic edge changement, NC managed.
The rolls are supported by a cradle of rollers, so that they do not require any other locking devices: this makes them extremely quick to replace. Edge banding strip presence detection device (using photocell), also when the one working is finishing and the other is the same edge type.
Facilitates glue colour/type changing and feeds the glue container according to consumption. The glue is melted at 180°C and then sent to the glue container.
Includes the following:
Granulated glue container with capacity of approx. 5 kg, rapid glue changing. Pre-melt unit.
Glue pot with level sensor in replace of the standard one.
Hot compressed air system for application of Laser Edges, up to 25 m/min speed.
Powerful heating system combined with a compressed air nozzle.
The nozzle has an automatic adjustment system for opening and close according to panel thickness. Range from 12 mm to 60 mm panel thickness.
The types of edges applicable with AirForce System are:
All edges prepared for Laser systems.
All edges dedicated to AirForce without absorbers (they only work with AirForce, not with Diod-Laser). The most used polymers are:
PP+ABS or PP+PVC or PP+PMMA (functional layer 0.2 mm PP). Strongly suggested. TPU pretreated edges, preglued edges.
Minimum edge thickness 1 mm (with 1.2 mm functional layer).
Temperature and speed settings may change dramatically using preglued edges.
Cleaning maintenance using preglued edge is more important.
Quality and look is far lower using preglued edges.
It is not guaranteed correct device functioning with any kind of preglued edges, it is conditioned by material type (edge and glue treatment).
Maximum quality and best device functioning is performed using edges with coextruded PP functional layer. Max speed 25 m/min is related to 18 mm panel thickness.
For thicker panels feed speed has to be reduced.
Feed speed is also conditioned by working units selected in machine configuration. AirForce System is compatible with standard PUR or EVA systems available.
The minimum panel width increases (+5 mm).

Automatic adjustment of edge-guide height in proximity to the driven presser roller.

Carries out the heating of the panel edge before the glue application.

Rectifies the face that has to be edged before applying the glue.
The use of this unit produces a flat, even surface ideal to apply the proper amount of glue with a thin glue line.
Complete with 2 high frequency 12000 RPM and 3.5 kW motors.
The machining of the pre-milling unit ensure a chip-free finish thanks to:
Horizontal and vertical movement of the 2 motors on linear guides. Independent automatic temporized intervention of the two motors. Possibility to work with or without copiers.
Air blower to clean the milled surface of the panel before the glue application.
The AUTO-SET device: ensures optimum positioning of the cutters according to the thickness of the
panel being machined.
Symmetrical diamond tools H=45 mm Z=2+2 30° included.

The unit applies an antiadhesive liquid on the top and bottom surface of the panel to ease a good cleaning of the workpiece being processed. It is positioned on the machine before the pre-milling unit.
The antiadhesive liquid is applied with precision by means of injectors controlled by the NC.

Edge trimming unit complete with 2 motors, for edge banding strips with a thickness of up to 22 mm. Motors can be inclined on the vertical axis by between 0° and 25° with automatic rotation.
Device to move the trimmer away rapidly during operation.
Automatic disabling of the unit when motors are stopped. Central lubrication of slide guides.
Pneumatic drive of two end-trimming units.

Trims the top and bottom of the applied edge, using 2 high frequency
motors complete with self-cleaning rotating vertical copier disks.
Can also be used for rough trimming of all types of edge-banding material and does not require adjustment when changing the thickness of the material being applied.
Made form a single, monolithic, high-rigidity structure ensuring precise machining even at maximum feed speed.
Slides on vertical steel guides with ball bushings.
All adjustment devices are in an ergonomic position, and the device is complete with 4 numerical indicators to facilitate adjustment.
The top unit is self-adjusting according to panel height.
Can be tilted up to 1 degree. Motors 12000 rpm complete with suction hoods. Standard two positions pneumatic adjustment.
Pneumatic exclusion included.
Tools are not included.

Equipped with 2 bearing copiers in addition to the TOP vertical copier to permit processing of panels with holes up to diameter max. 35 mm and/or grooves.
Distance between copiers 70 mm.

Carries out top and bottom trimming or fine finishing of the edge being applied, complete with front and vertical rotating self-cleaning disk copiers. The unit can also machine edges with door sealing gasket.
Made form a single, monolithic, high-rigidity structure ensuring precise machining even at maximum feed speed. The top unit is self-adjusting according to panel height.
Motors 12000 RPM complete with suction hoods.
4 NC axes driven by brushless motors and recirculating ball screws.
It is possible to select and command the positioning of the cutters and copying devices from the control board to carry out all possible machinings available with the multifunction cutters.
Thickness of edge-banding in strips: from 0.4 to 22 mm.
The motors have fixed tilting.
Pneumatic exclusion included.
Tools are not included.

Equipped with 2 bearing copiers in addition to the TOP vertical copier to permit processing of panels with holes up to diameter max. 35 mm and/or grooves.
Distance between copiers 70 mm.

The unit carries out the corner rounding and the top and bottom trimming on panels edged with synthetic material up to max. edge thickness of 3 mm. The corner rounding processing is possible both on panels with straight profiles and standard post-soft/formed panels with 90 and 180 degrees.
High finishing quality thanks to: movement on linear guides with recirculating ball screws, vertical oscillating copying system, frontal copying device with pre-copying system.
NC axis quick and reliable changeover (it doesn’t require any manual intervention) between thin and thick edges (i.e. between 0.4 mm and 3 mm).
The adjustment is fully NC controlled.
Two high frequency motors 12.000 RPM.
Function for rounding only included.
Pneumatic exclusion included.
Tools are not included.
Maximum working speed: 20 m/min for panels H ≤ 25 mm; 18 m/min for panels H > 25 mm 18 m/min.

Dedicated to very sensitive edges or edges coated with protective film, it applies a sliding liquid directly on the glued edge to prevent damages or to avoid detachment of the film during the contact with the copiers of the corner rounding unit.
The sliding liquid is precisely applied by means of injector driven by the NC.

Complete with chips collection box.
Multi-Profile controlled by NC, with motorized control.
Automatic change of machining operations via control panel, using a DC motor applied to the unit drive.
Carries out finishing operations on thick PVC/ABS edge-banding strips. Standard accessories include compressed air blowers on the copiers. Pneumatic exclusion included.
Tools are not included.

Auto-aligning with the panel surface and auto-adjusting with the thickness to remove the exceeding glue in the junction panel-edge.
Complete with turning discs copying device and flat blade knives.
It includes as standard:
Pneumatic exclusion.
Timed intervention of the flat knives.
Air blowers with nebulised liquid for the tools cleaning. Dust extraction kit.

To carry out the cleaning and polishing of the applied edge using cloth disc brushes. The unit is tiltable and self-adjusting to the panel height.
It includes two 0.37 kW motors at 2800 Rpm

It applies a cleaning liquid on the glued edge at the end of the milling operations, giving a perfect cleaning and polishing of the edge thanks to the brush action.
The cleaning liquid is applied precisely applied by means of injectors driven by the NC.

To reactivate the color of thick plastic (i.e. 3 mm PVC/ABS) after the scraping operation. Fitted with 2 hot air blowers, 2 kW each, with adjustable temperature control.

261,000.00 when purchased new in 2017

Location: Midwest
Power: 440 V
Make: Biesse
Model: Stream A
Year: 2017
Description: Just pulled from production
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